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"Ladies & Gentlemen, your HJG captain and crew have pleasure welcoming you today aboard this FREE Historic Jetliners Group service through airline nostalgia.

In association with Simviation and Microsoft Flight Simulator, we are pleased to transport you back in history .... through the golden era of first generation civil jetliners .... to a time when these classic aircraft reigned supreme on airways of the world, filling the skies with noise and smoke.

Our classic virtual aircraft today are Boeing 707, Convair CV-880 & CV-990, & Douglas DC-8 .... along with other aircraft we soon hope to introduce for your private future enjoyment.

Should you require assistance with any of our virtual aircraft, panels, sounds, and other supporting files too, then please do not hesitate bringing this to our attention. One of your friendly forum crew will be pleased to help you.

If you wish to share with us your real world or virtual aviation knowledge and experience, then through our forum please feel free to do so.

Once again your HJG captain and crew thank you for joining us today. We invite you now to sit back and relax .... download the files of your choice .... and enjoy with us these fine virtual aircraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Welcome aboard everyone .... to this Historic Jetliners Group service through airline nostalgia."

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Ecuatoriana Boeing 720B

Latest Updates

14th December 2007

Updated Aircraft Base Pack

New Aircraft Repaints

24th November 2007

BAe 146-300 and 300QT base models Version 1.0 Released!!

New Aircraft Base Packs

New Aircraft Repaints

New Aircraft Panels

New Aircraft Sounds

New General Downloads

12th November 2007

New Aircraft Repaints

25th October 2007

New Aircraft Repaints

25th October 2007

New Aircraft Repaints

Boeing 707-320 series

Boeing 707-320B series

Boeing 707-320C series

Boeing 720 series

Boeing 720B series

Douglas DC-8-50 Series

Douglas DC-8-50F Series

Douglas DC-8-61 Series

28th August 2007

New Aircraft Model

New Aircraft Basepacks

New Aircraft Panels and Updated Panels

All Boeing 707/720 panels have been updated:

1959-era panels

1965-era panels

1970-era panels

New Aircraft Repaints

2nd August 2007

Updated Aircraft Base Pack

New Aircraft Repaints

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